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All our flue-less gas fires are equipped with flame failure devices. This ensures that the gas supply is automatically switched off should the pilot light cease burning. Our flue-less gas fires also have an oxygen depletion sensor which will switch off the fire if it detects a low level of oxygen in the room.

These safety devices make these units very safe to use. As flue-less gas fires consume oxygen and produce Carbon Monoxide / Dioxide,  adequate air supply is essential to ensure peak performance from them. Please refer to the table detailing the minimum room size our flue-less appliances should be installed in. It is ideal that some ventilation occur, either in the form of air bricks or gaps around doors / windows, so that fresh air can be introduced and stale air removed. Chat to the salesman or gas installer you are using regarding the requirement for your application.

It is illegal to install any flue-less gas fire in a bedroom or bathroom. In the event you wish to install one of our fires in a bedroom or bathroom a flued gas fire must be used.

Our flue-less gas fires have recorded CO / CO2 ratios of approximately 4 to 25% of the maximum legal / safe limit set by the authorities of South Africa. These low figures put them at the forefront of technology in South Africa, which guarantees not only their safe usage but also virtually odourless operation, an essential component of a superior flue-less gas fire.

It is a legal requirement that all gas appliances be installed by a gas installer registered by SAQCC-Gas. Please verify that your installer is registered by asking to see his "drivers licence" style registration card.

Unit Heat
Gas Consumption
Legal Minimum
Room Size
Cross Ventilation

Kw m3 Lo Hi m3 cm2
Flame Dancer 200 Grate 5Kw 200 150 300 60 2 x 98
Flame Dancer 300 Grate 7Kw 300 250 490 98 2 x 160
Multibraai Drop in Grate 10Kw 400 450 740 148 2 x 240

* Cross Ventilation is required if your room is smaller than the legal requirement.

The Flame Dancer Abstracts, Multibraai Gas Grate and Multibraai Built in Gas Fire are availabe with either a FD200 Grate with 5kw output (suitable for smaller rooms) or a FD300 Grate with 7kw heat output for larger rooms.