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Flue-less Gas Fires

The price of gas is currently influencing many people to reconsider how they heat by gas. Flued gas fires produce lots of Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide that needs to be vented up a chimney to be safe. In the process some 70% of the energy in the gas is wasted. Flue-less gas fires are designed to burn the gas with a minimal production of these gases, making them safe to use in open living areas.

Our flue-less gas fires all use the legendary Infiniti Fires Flame Dancer mechanism. These industry leading burners produce absolutely minimal quantities of Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide making them very safe to use. They have become the burner of choice by many specialist fireplace shops.

Infiniti FiresTM Flame DancerTM Abstracts

A range of flue-less gas fires developed by Infiniti FiresTM using their high tech Flame Dancer grate.

The bodies of these gas fires were designed to be different to the norm currently produced in South Africa. With innovative thinking about minimising steel waste and maximising look and heating capacity.

In line with the great abstract architects and painters of the last century who dared to be different, these units are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist way. We have named our units after some of these great achievers.

Infiniti FiresTM Picasso

The wall mounted Picasso unit, with it's sleek contours, making this a feature to be fitted onto a wall at the same height as a picture.

Designed to be retro-fitted after a wall is complete, by simply bolting it to the wall and connecting it to a gas supply. Ideal as a powerful heater in existing homes or newly built houses.

Infiniti FiresTM Corbusier

The single and double sided Corbusier have a space saving 310mm depth, making them very easy to build into internal brick walls, whilst giving a very stylish appearance.

Infiniti FiresTM Cezanne

The Cezanne unit, designed to be freestanding unit. An easy retro fit in existing homes.


The Flame DancerTM Abstract units are available with heating capacities of 200m3 or 300m3.

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