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H - Burner

Our cast iron H burner gives an impressive 8kw maximum heat output, the most powerful on the South African Market. It is made  out of thick cast iron giving it a tremendous life span. With the occasional service / clean these burners will last well in excess of 10 years.

V Shaped Grill & Fat Catcher

This unique grill system enables you to drain 75% of the fat from the cooking meat into an easily removable fat catcher. This allows some of the fat to drop onto the hot stones and add that smokey flavour to the cooked meat. However the lesser amount of fat burning means a lot less flare up or flame onto the cooking meat and the less potential to burn the meat . Particularly important when cooking chicken or fatty meats.

If you do not want to drain the fat away, our grills are reversible, allowing them to operate as a conventional grill.

Continuous Spark Ignitor

The electronic ignitors used on all our gas grills give a continuous spark to the first burner, ensuring an easy light. Gas dribble tubes acting from the lit burner light any further burners.

The small penlight battery used to power the ignitor is easily replaced (when necessary) from the front of the grill.

Stainless Steel Braai Plate

Made in 4.5mm-thick 3CR12, this pan is brilliant for breakfast, stir fries, fish or prawns on the grill.

Available in 2 sizes.

Comes with 4 egg rings on the small braai plate and 8 on the large.

Roasting Dome

Our new Roasting Dome is being launched in January 2016. The dome has a double skin wall to minimise discolouration from the heat of cooking, and is made on the exterior in brushed stainless steel.

It will enable the user to use our chicken basket or spit & skewers inside the dome, or to slow roast or smoke a joint of meat on the stir fry pan inside the dome.

It is excellent for extending the range of cooking choices whilst avoiding the kitchen in our typical summer heat.